Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mayor de Blasio Rat Plan In Three Most Infested Areas of the City

  Mayor Bill de Blasio yesterday announced a $32 million, multi-agency plan to reduce the city’s rat population that targets the three most infested parts of city: the Grand Concourse area, Chinatown/East Village/Lower East Side and Bushwick/Bedford-Stuyvesant. This interagency initiative aims to reduce rat activity by up to 70 percent in the targeted zones by minimizing food sources and available habitats. 

  However Mayor e Blasio, what about the rest of the city? Below are two different rat infestations from two different problems. One is across the street from where an state assemblyman lives, and the other is next to a park where a state senator is planning to have a night time summer concert.

Above - This wood fence has been around this property located on Blackstone Avenue between West 237th and West 238th Streets. The house that once stood here was torn down about two years ago to make way for an eight story apartment building. The wall on the Blackstone Avenue side is full of graffiti, and has many holes at the bottom.
Below - On the West 238th Street side you can see several holes at the bottom of the fence, and a NYC Department of Health Rat Box that has been broken when it was run over.

Above - The fence opening is high enough to let out almost any rodent such as a rat who may be living inside the torn down property.
Below - Look a dead rat that was probably living inside the fence. 

Above -Here you can see the building where Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz lives is right across the street from the fenced in empty property and where I found this dead rat. Sorry Assemblyman, but I wanted to prove a point that this rat problem knows no difference where it occurs.
Below - you can see two rat hole in the tree pit here that was confirmed by a Department of Health official at the Mayors town hall meeting.

Above - The DOH person confirmed that the hole around this sewer was made by rats.
Below - This tree and the sewer are across the street from one of the highest priced coops in the Bronx.

And both are next to a public library, and park where State Senator Jeff Klein has scheduled a summer concert for August. Sorry Senator Klein, but the NYC DOH has to care care of these Rat Problems that do not always occur in HYCHA properties.

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